250 Words

I keep telling myself I’ll  become more focused, more self disciplined and tackle some self-improvement. One of the ways that I feel I could do this, is by writing more. I’m not too good at keeping a diary, even though I start out with the best intentions.

So, to this end, I’ve set myself a goal of writing two hundred and fifty words a day. I’ve also decided to tackle more brain games, indulge  in a little meditation, and even try and walk ten thousand steps. 

Now, I’m ‘typing’ this on my iPad right now. Yes, I deliberately enclosed typing in quotes, as you can’t really type on a tablet; certainly not on a mini one!

I’m not sure, not at all sure, how I’m going to find the time to do all this stuff, particularly with doing nine or ten hour shifts at work most days either.

Aside from the time required, there comes the age old problem of what the heck to write about. I don’t want to bore everyone with politics, although I’m sure I will feel moved at times to write about the state of play in either the United Kingdom or the United States or both.

I’m not a big fan of any particular sport, so I’m not at all qualified to promote an opinion there. I’m rather into social media, geeky stuff, and tech in general so that’s probably where most of my scribbled diatribe will be based around. 

We shall see. I might even get more readers. Time will tell.

What do YOU think?