Another 250

This evening I’m writing quite late. It’s after ten thirty and I am in bed with my iPad. It’s been another warm sunny day with the temperature reaching into the high seventies this afternoon.

Right now, my bedside thermometer tells me that it’s 78 degrees in here, although of course it’s cooler now outside as it’s after dark, and the temperature almost always drops away by several degrees when the sun goes down.

The router decided  to act up today while I was at work. It seems that the on/off switch on longer wants to latch in, so Kathy did a temporary fix by taping it down. So far, so good.

I’ve got the bedroom fan running again while I write, and it will probably stay on all night to render it cool enough to sleep comfortably. 

How long will I keep up the two hundred and fifty daily words? I only just remembered this evening after I got into bed. 

Kathy is still up as she’s watching the Olympics on the TV. She is watching it live for a while, having caught up with the previous days games that were on the Tivo.200

Rio being a few hours behind London means that a lot of the games are broadcast in the wee small hours, and it’s usually too much of a struggle to stay up until three or four in the morning, particularly if there’s work to go to that day. 

Anyway, I have about reached my daily target now, and I can hear Kathy getting ready to come to bed. I bid you all goodnight.

What do YOU think?