Another Quarter Of A Thousand

Today, I made a false start.  I started my two hundred and fifty words during my lunch break.  I only got one sentence done, so now I’m starting over.

I don’t have any self-imposed rules about when I write. I could do just over ten words an hour to meet my daily goal, at any time of day.

It’s been another muggy day, but the weather is supposed to be about ten degrees or so cooler tomorrow. There are rain showers forecast in the afternoon too.

Kathy is still wrapped up in the Olympics. I really don’t get time to watch it, even if I wanted to, as I go out around ten a.m to work and don’t get home until almost nine p.m.

Bad Hair DayBy the time I’ve had dinner, and read emails, and written a blog post such as this, I’m starting to think about going to bed again!

It’s certainly been a big salad week.  I did have a Double Sausage Egg McMuffin this morning, as I was really tight on time, but for mu lunch I had a chicken salad, without dressing, and this evening another salad with some left over gammon. Both were very tasty, and it’s all good – a lot fewer calories, which means it didn’t hurt to have a small glass of red wine to wash it down with this evening when I got home.

I’m almost done with my two fifty today, but tomorrow is another day of course, and this one is winding down. Good night!


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