Automatic Cross-Posting

It’s great that you can post to one one place, and have it automatically reposted to other places. A photograph taken in Instagram, can appear on your Facebook page; your blog posts can arrive on your Google+ page in seconds, and your Tumblr can Tweet.

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However, it’s very easy to overdo it.

Be sure to check for duplicates, because it’s easy to set up a loop. Perhaps you set those Instagram posts to go to Facebook and Tumblr and Twitter, but you’ve got your Tumblr to tweet, and your tweets go to Facebook too. Now, you’ve got the same post arriving on your Facebook twice and tweeting twice.

While your friends might well like your photographic efforts they’re probably not such a huge fan that they want to see them numerous times!

Services like IFTTT are great for automating some of these things, but again it’s very easy to set up dupe loops. WordPress can easily repost to various social media sites for you, but be careful where it’s already switched on elsewhere!

There can be too much of a good thing.

One thought on “Automatic Cross-Posting”

  1. I currently use to cross post, it saves so much double entry. In Hootsuite I currently have my Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn a/c’s connected but don’t post to all every time, depends on the nature of the post.

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