Bank Holiday Monday

Silly Me, I forgot why the weather is so dodgy today. It’s Bank Holiday, and it wouldn’t be a Bank Holiday without it raining!

It’s a shame because it’s not cold, but I’ve ducked and dived in and out of the house to the patio and back more than once this afternoon. 

As you can see the sky looks quite threatening. OK, it’s started raining again, but this time I have put the umbrella up. I do enjoy sitting outside in the fresh air, particularly when the air is still. There are not many airplanes flying over right now either. People often ask how we deal with living so near to the airport, but to be honest we barely notice planes going over unless we’re sitting outside.

Anyway, right now, I can enjoy the sounds of the birds singing, while I do some writing and enjoy an Old Crafty Hen. No, that’s not a reference to my dear wife, but the beer that I am currently imbibing.

To my American friends and family, I would like to wish you a most enjoyable Memorial Day, and I hope you find time to think about the true meaning of this day while you are enjoying your day off (if indeed, you’re lucky enough to have the day off!).

What do YOU think?