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The First Of May

It’s quite rare that Bank Holiday Monday, or May Day, actually falls on May 1st, but this year it has.

I woke up around eight this morning, and Kathy got up ready for work, and left around nine thirty; she got a lift from Amers, her manager, as she was a little late leaving.

I made some coffee but was feeling quite crappy this morning,  so I had a lie-down again. Did meditation, and thought about going back to sleep but decided I’d get up and try and get into the swing of the day a bit, so here I am typing away at my Mac.

At my Mac

Mind, you, as any geeks knows, working at a computer soon calls for a coffee break…

Getting Going with Stuff

It’s a lovely spring day here today. Mostly blue sky and plenty of sunshine. It’s the last day of GMT too; the clocks go forward here overnight, so tomorrow it won’t get dark until around 7.30pm or so. That’s always a bonus. I’m sure I get a touch of SAD during the winter.

Anyway, I’ve gotten into the meditation habit over the last month or so, and haven’t missed a day, yet. I’m also working on reading more books and I’ve bought a few more, both print and digital. My target is a very modest twelve books this year, but I’m behind with that already.  I spend too much time online. Not so much on social media (which I dip in and out of), but a lot of time reading more articles via news sites, blogs, Medium and Digg.

I am finding getting the mindfulness going is helping me to feel less stressed and more relaxed in general, and Im looking to help me develop more patience in difficult or confrontational periods.

Yes, I am still a bit of a caffeine junkie, but I’ve had to cut back on it to a large extent, as it doesn’t do wonders for acid reflux and certainly not for IBS! 

In the organizational arena, I’ve got  new software for managing tasks – Omnifocus 2 – and a great new calendar app – Fantastical. Im finding these really helpful. 

Right now, I’m in the middle of a four day work break, and I’m using the time to both do some tasks, such as starting on a clear out around the house. I’m taking a look at minimalism too, which is a big thing for me, as I tend to be a hoarder. 

Yesterday, we had a clear out of old paperwork, and I’m going to get started on my clothes soon. 

That about wraps up the day so far, so I’m going to get back to that coffee you see in the photograph above, and enjoy the rest of my day.


I couldn’t ever see the point of it to be honest. How was a few minutes each day chanting some jumbo jumbo going to help me in my life?

I put it down to something done in the Himalayans by Buddhists and drug-taking hippies.

Wind forward some years, and my wife, Kathy, decided to take it up. Again I couldn’t get this idea of repeating some mantra and finding it life-changing.

Then, one day, wandering through the App Store on my iPad I found Headspace. I thought, OK, I’ll give it a listen. It was a free introduction after all. I was surprised as there was this guy talking to me in plain English and not using some weird words or chant. He explained how it worked, and I gave it a try. After a couple of false starts I’ve now incorporated meditation, or mindfulness, into my daily routine. Guess what? It works. 

I’ve found a sense of calm, and relaxation. Unwinding a little, if you will. The idea is simple when explained. It’s a way to rest the mind, to cleaner the mind of all the mental distractions that go on all day, and actually focus on the ‘here and now’; the present. 

It’s early days for me yet, but I’m certainly going to continue with this. Like most things it takes time to get ‘up to speed’; to train the mind to learn how to focus better, and how it can be used at almost anytime during the day. It can be done while at work, or with others. One doesn’t have to sit cross-legged on the floor with head bowed mumbling to oneself! Those around you need not even notice.

It’s all about giving your head space.