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The Snowden Thing

What do I think of Snowden?

I suppose the bottom line is that I do not know enough about his actions to make a value judgement on the issue.

I’m not sure that the guy is a spy in the usual sense of the word though, as, the way I understand it, he’s mostly been telling the world what the US (and other) Governments have been doing with regard to people’s private data, rather than passing secret information to some enemy.

Two thoughts though.

1. I am not surprised at ANY of his revelations. I suspect that most Governments have been spying on their citizens since time began. The electronic data trail we leave behind us, and the tools available to examine this trail, has simply made it easier for anyone to spy on us.

2. I don’t, for one minute, believe any of the US or UK politicians or intelligence service leaders that protest loudly that they are tightly regulated by the judiciary, and that they abide by those regulations. I believe that the intelligence services simply go and get whatever information they want when they want it. Period.

Bored? I Don’t Have Time For That!

Bored? I really don’t understand that. While I will accept that some of the things one has to do in life can be real darn tedious, I can’t ever say that I’m bored.

On the contrary, I find that twenty four hours in a day simply isn’t enough.

I need to sleep, eat and work. That can take anything up to 20 hours in a day, which doesn’t leave much time for anything else. When I have a day off, I never seem to find the time to do all the things that I want to do – catching up on overdue tasks and chores; more pleasurable things such as reading a new book, listening to music, watching a movie, having a meal out (or a meal in), a couple of hours in the pub, putting the world to rights over a couple of pints.

I can’t do nothing at all – that I WOULD find boring, but I’ve always got something to do!

Dream Small, Dream Often

Be positive about life.

OK. You can’t be positive 100% of the time. Life does have its knockbacks sometimes. Also, don’t hanker for things that are, for the most part, out of reach. Sure aim big, but dream small steps to get there. You can’t be a millionaire overnight (unless you win the lottery, and the odds are millions to one).

Personally, I get great pleasure out of the small things. A day off work tomorrow. Time with my wife. Looking forward to a weekend away. Stopping by the pub on the way home. Losing two pounds this week. Eating healthy for three days in a row. Finishing overdue tasks. Get my drift? Whatever little things please you. Bask in it, in your own head if you like.

If things are making you unhappy, make small changes. You can’t usually change everything overnight. It all becomes overwhelming and then you get stressed again. You can take time enjoying small changes, and tiny events. Make a cup of tea or coffee and take a walk around the yard for five minutes. No yard? Walk around the block (perhaps without the cuppa).

Just a few minutes to unwind can help make all the difference!