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Friday The 13th

I don’t believe in any of that superstitious claptrap.

Anyway, I think it was rather a good day.

My work day was quiet and non-eventful, and now I have the whole weekend off, which is always welcome.

Kathy has been unwell all week, but she is now beginning to get better, although she still feels rather weak.

SelfieAlso, I’m still going good on the Sober for October thing. That’s 13 days now with no alcohol. It’s not so much I miss it, because I don’t really.  It’s when I get time off, and go out, and I think about swinging by a pub or bar or taproom to try out some new brews (or enjoy a few that I’ve had before.

As I’ve also given up wheat I seem to be  having success with that too.  My Crohn’s disease symptoms have all but disappeared!

So we’re almost a half way through the month. Lets see what completing this exercise will bring by the beginning of November!

God’s Guidance

I do feel that sometimes, when you decide to some little thing good, that God helps you find exactly the right tools or material to help you reach your goal.

I felt just that this morning, when I was choosing a song to send to my wife to tell her my feelings. I felt that God led me to this song. He got me to choose this one from the many I found.

A Sense of Entitlement

This is so difficult for most of us to get our heads around most of the time. Remember that you’re not entitled to anything. Everything you have is a gift. Everything that you receive is a bonus. Instead of waiting for x and y to happen and being pissed when it doesn’t, we should look at life from a different angle.

If x and y don’t happen, you’ve lost nothing. If x and y DO happen then it’s one of those bonuses.

Rock On.