Day 4 of the 250 words

Today was another warm one. I’m writing this a little earlier this evening, on my old laptop, which is running Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Kathy has watched the Olympics again today, but she’s back to work tomorrow, so I guess she’ll get some withdrawal symptoms with that!

Right now, she is watching some show with some guy who talks to those beyond the grave. I really don’t believe in this kind of stuff. I think it’s a clever con trick.

Bean SaladIt’s been a salad day today, and plenty of fish too.   I had a salmon and cucumber sandwich for lunch, and had a cheese and bean salad with that too.  When I got home, I had some cold ham with a cucumber salad, some cos lettuce – an unusual purple variety too – and coleslaw. After that we finished off with some tuna and crackers which I like to spice up a bit with a few drops of Tabasco.

Now, I have to fast for the next twelve hours as I’ve got blood work at the doctors tomorrow morning, and this requires an overnight fast. Good thing it’s only twelve hours, but I’ve got to head off to work right after this, so I won’t even get  late breakfast, but more like have to wait until I get a break around 2.30pm.

I guess I won’t fade away, and a little fasting doesn’t do any harm, but it’s not something I’d want to do regularly!

It’s that time again, so I’ll bid you all a very good night!

What do YOU think?