Recently I read a story about a mother who is planning to move her daughter from her current school.


Because the mother doesn’t like the school rules, and instead of quietly making her views known to the school, and then abiding by them, she decides she doesn’t want her daughter there anymore. What a wonderful example this parent gives to her child.

What’s the issue?

The daughter has a nose stud, and the school has said it’s against their rules, mostly on health and safety grounds. They’ve even offered to pay for this child to have the nose stud replaced during the summer break, which I find incredulous. Particularly in these times of austerity, shouldn’t every single penny that a school receives be going into education?

No wonder we’re producing so many louts these days. Kids only have to look to their own parents for examples of how to stamp their feet and get their own way.

It’s a sad world sometimes.

What do YOU think?