Hot Weather? Be Sensible!

England’s having a decent spell of warm weather right now. Some of us (myself included) love it.  Others hate any kind of heat,  or even sunshine. Having lived overseas for several years,  where the humidity was often higher than the temperature in summer,  I’m used to it,  and personally find all the fuss about it somewhat amusing.

Still,  to be fair to my fellow countrymen,  it’s the exception rather than a regular event to have more than the odd day or two with daytime temperatures topping out over 85 degrees.  (That’s 30 in foreign money).

There’s a few things to do to deal with it, whether you like the heat or not.

Drink plenty. Plenty of water that is. Alcohol is fine in moderation, but as it has a dehydrating effect, by only drinking alcoholic drinks you can easily dehydrate quicker and that can cause problems.

Use sun block if you’re outside in the sun for long. You don’t need sunburn, or worse, sunstroke on top of the dehydration!

What do YOU think?