Hump Day


It’s  halfway thru a week of long days for me.


A split or spreadover shift. 8 thru 8. I get almost a three hour break in the middle though, and right now I’m taking advantage of this break time and sitting in Starbucks writing this.


A lot of my colleagues don’t like these shifts,  because it’s a long day,  but it’s almost eleven hours pay a day,  I don’t have to get up at stupid o’clock,  and I have the weekend off.

If I wish I can get things done around town,  or just relax with a coffee,  go shopping,  or catch up on some Web work or social media,  or read one of the many books in my ever-growing list!

I get to eat around 8.30pm, which is a little late,  but at least not right before bedtime.  When my wife is working,  we both get up around the same time.

I’m not complaining!

What do YOU think?