It’s Almost Tomorrow 

Just before midnight. I fess up. I almost forgot to write a blog this evening. After getting home just before nine,  I had a quick freshen up, and then continued  with yet another salad day!

Having had bacon and eggs for breakfast (but nothing else!), I decided to continue with the healthier eating.

I had a mozzarella and bean salad for lunch, and a banana  and peach for good measure. Had one coffee, but otherwise I drank water all day.

​This evening I had some roast chicken thighs and some more of Kathy’s  home made cucumber  salad. We were still peckish after that so we had some tuna and crackers to finish. I treated myself to one small beer, but that was my only indulgence for the day. 

So this is how I almost forgot this post! 

After the food I sat with Kathy watching some of the Olympics and then we changed channels, and watched some of the darts from the World Series in Sydney. We caught the tail end of a match that Peter Wright was playing in, and then went on to watch Phil Taylor play a really great game, and win ten games to go through to the semi finals.

Switched back to the Olympics to watch England get a Gold medal in the showjumping, and then we called it a night, and that is when I remembered.


What do YOU think?