Manic Monday

Today it was back up to Cranford Park.

A film is being made detailing what we all do on the River Crane each month.  So late morning Kathy and I walked up to Cranford park and met Rob, Sue and Lindsay.

We walked down to the point on the river when I take the water samples each month and I explained what I did, and how I got involved in the Citizen Crane Project.

I did a mock sample, so that Sue could video it. Then we went to the spot a little further downstream where Lindsay did the same thing – explained what she did, and how and why she got involved.

That all wrapped up we headed back home.
Rump Steak & SaladKathy had a whole bunch of vouchers to use up, so we headed down to another River; the bigger one this time,  the Thames.  To be more precise we went to Cafe Rouge at Strand-On-The-Green.

We had a very nice meal there, and a couple of jugs of delicious Gin St. Clements.

CheersAfter that we walked back to Kew Bridge and to the new Fullers pub just by the bridge itself, One Over The Ait. We were only going to stay for one drink, but, having arrived there about five forty-five, we stayed for four hours! We spend the first couple of hours sitting outside, but as the sun started to sink and it became cooler, we moved inside. We didn’t leave until about quarter to ten.

We were lucky with buses. As we walked outside a 237 bus came along, and when we got to Hounslow Bus Garage we only waited two or three minutes for a 111 to take us on to Cranford.

Once we got home it was pretty much time for bed!

What do YOU think?