A Number Of Blogging Options

Just this evening I was thinking how much the WordPress system has come along since its inception in 2003. (Has it really been around THAT long).  I guess so, as I started up my first blog about then, and I quickly decided on WordPress. Back then, it was pretty much just blogging software, but it’s matured into a full featured CMS since then.

Now, when it comes to actually writing a blog, I truly have a number of options. I can, of course, blog via the built-in interface of the blog.  I can also blog third party software, such as MarsEdit on my Mac; from the iOS WordPress app on my iPhone or iPad; from the WordPress.com site (the option I am using right now). What this means is that I can pretty much blog from anywhere, although I have to admit that for a longer post with plenty of text, I would rather be at a desktop or laptop machine with a regular keyboard than trying to type several hundred words on a phone keyboard, even with Swype style input installed.

Shopping Online
Still best for blogging.

I realise that for many people having a personal blog has fallen by the wayside, with the advent of social media. After all, you can interact with friends and family using Facebook, and pretty much everyone know where to find it, and it’s easy to use, even for the dedicated NON-Geeks out there.

Still, I do enjoy blogging on my own site, and I can pretty much input whatever I want without any censorship if I so desire; not that I really output anything particularly controversial. Well, not yet anyway.

img_2113I can, and do, link my posts to Social Media, and chances are that you’re reading this having come from Facebook or Twitter. If you have, or even if you haven’t, please consider leaving a comment here before you go. I’ll even reply to you if you wish. Thanks for dropping by, and do come back again soon!




From Android To Apple

Blackberry Keypad
The first smart phone I got was a Blackberry. At the time I was quite happy with it. The iPhone came along. I was in the US at the time, and it was only available with AT&T, and their service had so many holes where I lived. Therefore I went the Android route with a Motorola Droid. I rather liked its slide out QWERTY keypad. In fact I recall that I positively didn’t want a touchscreen phone!

Over the next few years, I upgraded. I moved to England, and for a while ended up with a fairly cheap HTC phone — a Wildfire. It was quite underpowered, even back in 2011, but it got me a contract, rather than an expensive prepaid, pay-as-yoiu-go option.

I moved onto an HTC Desire, then I got a Samsung Note 1. I loved the stylus, although I ended up using it less than I thought I would. It worked though. Then a Note 3 which seemed lightning fast in comparison. My wife and I also had Samsung Note tablets.

Meanwhile though, my wife was getting more and more frustrated with her ever-crashing Windows laptop. It wasn’t just Windows, I think the laptop was beginning to fail hardware-wise too.

Anyway, I took the plunge and bought her a MacBook Pro for Christmas 2014. She loves it. It’s in daily use, and I’m typing this on it right now.She works for a large pawnbroker chain, and they had a 16GB iPad Mini 2 going cheap, so I purchased it, just to try one out. I was impressed with the size (to be honest my Note 12.2 was just too big to be that portable). I was also impressed with the quality of the iOS apps compared to Android.

My Windows desktop gave up the ghost. As a replacement I purchased a Mac Mini. That was ideal, as I didn’t need anything else, as my keyboard, mouse, printer and monitor was working fine. I didn’t need one of the new ‘complete’ systems that High Street retailers tried to push on me when I went to look in their stores. I rapidly filled the iPad mini 2, and my Christmas present in 2015 was an iPad Mini 4 with 128GB.
iPad Mini 4

Our Note 3 phones were out of contract in the fall of 2015, but we went over to a SIM only plan as we felt there was more life in them yet. However, having now partly got into the Apple ecosystem, the Note was the odd man out.

In 2016 we took the plunge and got a 256GB APple 7 plus each, on a two-year contract. Right now, there’s still a year to go on those. We’re not looking to upgrade this year in any case. We’ll see how the iPhone X pans out over the next twelve months, and look at our options in late 2018.

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