Personal Productivity Month

The idea came about as I realised I had sat St my computer for a couple of hours, and not really achieved much at all.

Two hours wasted? Well perhaps it was relaxing, but I hadn’t performed the tasks I had sat down to do.

So I decided that I would, in September, make myself more accountable – to myself.

Then I decided to take this further. Add a bit more self discipline.

So there are three more goals.

Financial. Spend less. See how much I can save by buying less coffee downtown, and drinking more at home. Home brewed is way less expensive, and better quality anyway!

Not just coffee though. Look at all those unnecessary purchases. I might surprise myself, with an end of month budget surplus.

Exercise. Make more use of my gym membership. I’m posing for it, whether I go or not. If time is limited, do v some exercise at home. I have a Wii Fit, some weights and an exercise mat.

Nutrition. Tying in with spending less, watch the food intake more closely. Save money and lose more weight!

Watch this space. I’ll be  reporting back.

What do YOU think?