Saturday’s Two Hundred & Fifty

Sometimes things don’t go to plan as they should. This afternoon, during my lunch break I decided that  I would write this blog post instead of leaving it until this evening.

So I sat in the staff canteen and wrote my two hundred and fifty.

Then I added a photograph, and that’s when it went wrong. After I’d added the picture, I decided I didn’t want that one and wanted to choose another. I hit delete, and with that all the blog post disappeared completely. Now, I was writing on my iPad, using the WordPress App, unlike now where I am on the real site, logged in, and typing directly into WordPress itself.

IBMAnyway, lesson learned. I won’t do that again.  I can’t even remember what the heck I typed this afternoon, so this is completely different content to what I wrote some eight hours or so ago.

The weather has been a bit of a mix today. Typically, it was trying to rain just before I went to work, but it stopped by the time I actually left the house. I wasn’t so lucky when I finished work though. Just as I was walking to the bus stop – in my shirt sleeves as it’s not been cold enough to call for wearing a jacket – the heavens opened and I got quite wet. No sooner had I got to the bus stop and shelter and the rain stopped again. It’s just typical English weather!

Anyway, I’m home, fed, watered and soon ready to call it a night.


What do YOU think?