Sober October Will Soon Be Over!

I’ve actually not missed the booze that much.  As I have mentioned before, it’s been mostly on social occasions and not actually missing the booze itself. My coffee consumption has hit the roof though – upwards of six mugs a day!

I came home from an early shift this afternoon around three p.m. and I’m working my way through another pot, whereas I might well have had a glass of beer or wine.

It has been suggested to me that as I’ve quit for a month, I could quit forever. I guess I could, but I do enjoy good beer and wine, and I’d still enjoy it even if it was alcohol free – like with my food, I’m all about the taste.

Elvis JuiceChecking my calendar, and I’ve a day off on November 1, and I’m working late shift on the second, so I think I might indulge a little. Not going to go crazy though; for one thing I need to work the next day and for another I’m not wanting a hangover in any case.

I’ve got plenty of beer and wine in the house, and there’s always the option of the pub of course.

What do YOU think?