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Long Weekend

On Friday I took a trip to Witney in Oxfordshire to visit one of my sons, his wife, and my granddaughter.

After an uneventful journey there on two buses and a train, I arrived just after eleven. We went out in their car to Bourton On Water, which is a very picturesque village in Gloucestershire. We met up with Emily’s family, John and Susan, too.

We had a nice afternoon there, and afterwards headed to Burford Garden Centre, where we explored both the toy shop and the cafeteria that had a lot of lovely foodie goodies to buy and take home. I got a rather delicious pork pie, which survived the journey home, but didn’t last long once I got there!

Indie , who is growing up fast, was a little grumpy a few times, but I think she enjoyed the day too!

I left Witney around nine pm, and got home around midnight after the return bus/train/bus journey.

Saturday was a lazy day. I got up quite late, and spent some time getting a few things tidied up on the computer. The iOS flash drives turned up too, and I was able to back up the photographs on my phone – almost five thousand of them.

On Sunday, Kathy and I were meant to be attending the Remembrance service at St. Leonard’s Church in Heston, but we were running a bit late, and ended up going to the Cranford Memorial instead, to see the wreath laying there.

Afterwards, we walked to the local Starbucks, and enjoyed a coffee.

We walked home, and I decided to go and get a pint or two in The Queen’s Head, which is rare for me on a Sunday these days.

A tasty roast pork dinner is in order at home afterwards, and then it’s an early night for a 3.30am alarm all on Monday morning.

The First Of May

It’s quite rare that Bank Holiday Monday, or May Day, actually falls on May 1st, but this year it has.

I woke up around eight this morning, and Kathy got up ready for work, and left around nine thirty; she got a lift from Amers, her manager, as she was a little late leaving.

I made some coffee but was feeling quite crappy this morning,  so I had a lie-down again. Did meditation, and thought about going back to sleep but decided I’d get up and try and get into the swing of the day a bit, so here I am typing away at my Mac.

At my Mac

Mind, you, as any geeks knows, working at a computer soon calls for a coffee break…

Easy Like Sunday Morning

This Sunday morning is not any Sunday morning. No Sir. It’s THAT Sunday morning. That Sunday once a month when we take a walk into Cranford Park and go take samples from the River Crane.

So this morning we got up at eight, got dressed and went straight to the park. Otherwise, we get up, make bacon and eggs for breakfast and then we sit there feeling full and not wanting to move.

2013-11-10 15.43.39

We did wonder if it would be wet underfoot crossing Avenue Park or muddy and boggy on the path near the river, as Cranford Park is not well-drained in parts. However, it wasn’t either of these things, and we soon got a water sample. We measured the flow of the river, and the depth.

We headed back home, and I got straight into a most important task, that of grinding some beans and making a fresh pot of coffee.

Once that was done, and some relaxing Sunday tunes were fired up from Spotify, then I was able to get on with the next task, that of reporting our findings on the river. The data is collected and we get regular reports on how clean the river is (or not, after any pollution incident).

Next up, I thought, while I’ve got my laptop fired up and on my lap, I’ll got for today’s two hundred and fifty, so here it is!

What’s next of today’s agenda? After I’ve wrapped this up, it’s a trip to Costco to stock up on a few grocery items.

See you tomorrow!