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It’s Beer O’Clock… Sometimes

A colleague recently commented that my Facebook postings seemed to be about just beer and food, giving the (unsaid) impression that all I do is stuff my face, and booze!

In some ways that would be nice, if I had to the time to indulge in these favorite pastimes all day every day.  However, I’d be really huge by now, instead of a little overweight.

A Tasty Snack
A Tasty Snack

In reality, most of the time I’m at work during the day, like most other people; and like most other people my day job is not at all interesting, and almost never worthy of screen estate. Therefore I rarely mention it.

That leaves the things I do like doing, such as sampling craft beers and trying new dishes.  I use an app called Untappd to record the beers I drink, and share this with others that use the app, and with my Facebook friends, some of whom share my love of good craft beer.

I wouldn’t bother blogging and mention beer if I was drinking megabrew chemical swill ‘lager’ like Fosters or Budweiser,  but It’s good to share unusual and rare discoveries with like-minded friends.

As for food, I’ll admit to having gotten that habit of photographing much of what I eat, but again, that’s just to share with those that enjoy food like I do!

At the time of writing this, I’m on the first day of a four-day break, so I’m sure I’ll find time to enjoy a brew or two, a bite to eat, and perhaps some other local adventures.