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A Sober Day Out

Friday dawned a lovely blue sky day.

All Souls ChurchIt stayed that way well into the afternoon too. Some of the gorgeous weather was missed while we traveled into the West End.

We were going there for a treat for myself that Kathy had bought for me earlier in the year.  A pampering at Ted’s Grooming Room in Mortimer Street just a short walk from Oxford Circus.

I had my hair cut and styled; hot towels; a cut-throat shave and an arm massage.

Afterwards, we headed around the corner to Byron for lunch. Burger at ByronAs I’m trying to cut out wheat this month, I went for the bunless option with a side salad instead.

Afterwards we took a few photographs around All Souls Church, and then we walked towards Tottenham Court Road and Holborn.

We browsed in a few shops along the way, and then headed towards Neal’s Yard and Seven Dials.

Carrying on, we ended up on Shaftesbury Avenue and then diverted into Chinatown, where we stopped for a meal.

We also picked up some Asian products in a couple of supermarkets along the way too.  We ended up grabbing a slice of cake and a cappuccino by Leicester Square station before taking the Underground and bus home.

Ended up walking around three or four miles in total, and doing over ten thousand steps.


It’s Beer O’Clock… Sometimes

A colleague recently commented that my Facebook postings seemed to be about just beer and food, giving the (unsaid) impression that all I do is stuff my face, and booze!

In some ways that would be nice, if I had to the time to indulge in these favorite pastimes all day every day.  However, I’d be really huge by now, instead of a little overweight.

A Tasty Snack
A Tasty Snack

In reality, most of the time I’m at work during the day, like most other people; and like most other people my day job is not at all interesting, and almost never worthy of screen estate. Therefore I rarely mention it.

That leaves the things I do like doing, such as sampling craft beers and trying new dishes.  I use an app called Untappd to record the beers I drink, and share this with others that use the app, and with my Facebook friends, some of whom share my love of good craft beer.

I wouldn’t bother blogging and mention beer if I was drinking megabrew chemical swill ‘lager’ like Fosters or Budweiser,  but It’s good to share unusual and rare discoveries with like-minded friends.

As for food, I’ll admit to having gotten that habit of photographing much of what I eat, but again, that’s just to share with those that enjoy food like I do!

At the time of writing this, I’m on the first day of a four-day break, so I’m sure I’ll find time to enjoy a brew or two, a bite to eat, and perhaps some other local adventures.