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Making Musical History

Regardless of whether you are a fan of the Rolling Stones or not, (and I am) you have to admit that last Saturday’s performance at Glastonbury 2013 was musical history in the making.

Ok, so it’s just another ageing rock band trying to earn a few more bucks.

Nope, I disagree. They’ve made enough money down the years to be able to retire, and live on the royalties. They’re like the Warren Buffet of the musical world. They keep playing their game because they thoroughly enjoy what they do, it’s in their blood.

They’ve been together over fifty years. That’s impressive in itself. Many marriages don’t last that long. The Beatles didn’t stick together more than a decade.

They still have ‘it’ too. They still play well, and sing well, and present themselves well.

I’d like to say here’s to the next fifty, but somehow I think most of us will be pushing up the daises by then, not least the Rolling Stones themselves.