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Beer & Wheat

I’m still on course for the Sober October thing, but of course it’s early in the month yet. My biggest test will be the forthcoming long weekend off, which is when I usually go out for a least a day or so, and usually find myself in a pub with a pint of craft ale or two, or in a restaurant with a beer or wine to go with my food.

I also have plenty of beer and wine at home, which I don’t touch before work (obviously) and which doesn’t get bothered with by the time I get home around midnight.

It’s harder when I’m on an early shift, as it’s very tempting to enjoy a brew in the early afternoon when I get home, or perhaps a glass of wine if I finish earlier in the evening.

The other thing I am making an effort with at this time is to cut,  or at least drastically reduce, the amount of wheat in my diet. I don’t suffer from wheat intolerance as far as I know, but I was reading an article from a cardiologist convinced that cutting out wheat can help both your gut (I have Crohn’s disease), and weight loss goals (I’d really like to lose around 50-60lbs).

Bacon & Eggs

I’ve dropped a couple of pounds already since the weekend, but we’ll see. It’s been quite hard not reaching for the bread and making a bunch of sandwiches!

At least I can still enjoy a Full English Breakfast, albeit without the fried bread or toast.

No Alcohol: Day One

I’ll be honest. It was easy today as I was unlikely to drink any alcohol today anyway.

Working a late shift and not getting home until midnight usually means nothing to drink. I really am not bothered about booze by that time of night. I normally drink water or perhaps have a cup of Rooibus tea before bed.

Sober For October

I’ve had comments from some of my Facebook friends that all I seem to do is eat and drink. That’s not really true, it’s just I don’t post up everything I do every day. Mostly, like many people, it’s going to work, and that’s not in the slightest bit interesting, so I don’t post stuff about that!

Anyway, I thought I’d have a go at being sober for October.  The most difficult times will be when I’ve got a day off and go out. That’s when I will tend to go to a pub, both to sample some decent craft beer, and to get something to eat (pubs often give the best value for money when it comes to eating out.

So here we are, October 1.  Let’s give this a go. Perhaps I’ll even lose a few pounds along the way!