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Sober October Rolls Along

It’s the 23rd of the month, and it’s still a sober one on my part.

Yesterday we went out, with Bobby and Fatima, for Sunday lunch at Jackson & Rye in Richmond. We ordered food, and usually I’d have had something alcoholic; probably an old-fashioned to start, and a beer with the meal, but I opted for a coffee, and then an iced tea instead.

Riverside Walk After we’d eaten we walked from Richmond to Teddington, along the riverside. It’s a walk of two or three miles, and it feels like you’re really out in the countryside at times!

We took a brief rest at this bench, and took the photograph above, and then walked into Teddington, passing several pubs. We ended up in Starbucks, where I opted for a Venti Cappuccino.

Bobby and Fatima went off to Hounslow, and then we headed home, via a 285 bus to Harlington Corner, and then a 111 for the last leg home.

Today, I’ve another day off. Apart from a quick trip to the local pharmacy this morning, and a pit stop in Tesco, I’ve spent the day indoors catching up on a few computer tasks.