The Third 250

So here we are. The third day of my two hundred and fifty daily blog posts.

It’s been another warm day today; in fact I thought it was rather muggy at times this afternoon. Temperatures weren’t excessive, only into the mid seventies. Fahrenheit of course. I’ve never adopted that continental Celsius nonsense here. I grew up with Gabriel’s scale, and I see no reason to change it now, not as I find it so personally relate-able in any case.

Aah!I seem  to be fine all day, but in the evenings once I get home, I keep getting an itching attack. I know it’s because I sat out in the sun for too long last weekend. I really should know better, but I do like to make the most of the weather here, as one never knows how long it will last. Not unknown to got from sunny to wet and windy with a twenty degree temperature drop in under twenty-four hours. Heck, I’ve known that to happen in the same afternoon, let alone the next one!

This week I usually retire to bed around ten o’clock but this evening find me still sitting downstairs with my wife as she watches the Olympics.  I lose track a bit as she keeps changing the channels around to watch different events. In this house, she is the one that has the remote control for the television, not I.

Having said all that, I think I’ll call this post a wrap and bid you all a very good night!

What do YOU think?