Thoughts on Sleeping

I don’t go to sleep easily. I have an overactive mind. Sometimes I’m not even particularly worried about anything. Then my brain will find something to keep me awake.

I’ll start thinking about deceased people who I loved and miss. Yes that’s a fact, but do I need it in the forefront of my mind in the small hours?

Trying To SleepIf I’m worried about something, then although I might have given it little more than a passing thought during the previous day, suddenly at 3am it’s worrying me stupid and keeping me wide awake.

Right now though, at the time of writing, it’s just after 5pm. I’m enjoying a day off. My time is my own, and it’s a great time to relax. I’ve no need to sleep at this time of day.

This has led me to wonder how our ancestors dealt with sleep. After all, most of us have a warm cozy bed to sleep in, and we’re safe. How did the cave dweller get a decent nights sleep, when they were always on the alert for possible attacks from wild animals?  Moving on down the ages perhaps, they were still worrying about their own domesticated animals getting attacked.

How did our prehistoric cousins get a good nights sleep? I promise I’ll try not to dwell on this tonight at 3am.

What do YOU think?