Thursday’s Words

I had a really good night’s sleep for a change. I often have trouble sleeping, and even getting to sleep. Then quite often, I’ll wake up at some ungodly hour and then end up lying there in the dark unable to drop off again for a couple of hours or more. Of course, that can leave me feeling tired and drained the next day, which is no fun if I’ve got work or some errands to do.

I tucked into some yogurt for breakfast, and some chia seed bread and ham. I also made some of that for my sandwiches for work today, adding some sliced tomatoes and coleslaw.

I really enjoy the warm weather we’ve had, but I do find that I’m drinking a lot more water. Of course, that’s no bad thing. I don’t drink soda or any of that ghastly flavored water, and I can’t make tea and coffee most of the time when I’m at work, so I drink two or three bottles of water,  that’s three or four pints.

It's MeAfter work today I had another delicious bowl of the chicken bog that Kathy made yesterday as she had made far too much to eat in one sitting!

I also bought some grapes on the way home, and I managed to eat half of them already.

I’ll have a nice cup of rooibus tea to finish off with after I’ve finished this blog post, and then I’ll probably call it a night before much longer.

What do YOU think?