My Thoughts on Superbowl Sunday

IanI’m not a sports fan. Period. Occasionally, I’ll watch a bit of F1 or cricket, but it’s barely more than a fleeting glance. Why am I writing this post then? It’s really in response to a friends Facebook posting in which she bemoans all the disdain exhibited about the event.  Yes, Superbowl is Superhype. One of those things that the American media excels itself in.

It’s full of over-commercialism. Everyone and their dog that can make a buck or two goes all out for it, to the point (and beyond) of tacky.

Some make more of the Half-Time Performance than the game itself.

The players arguably make way too much money. Of course, the money comes from all that commercialism, in various ways.

But wait a minute…

Many folks actually enjoy following their team, and for them to appear at the Superbowl is THE big event of the year. Possibly bigger than Christmas even. It’s like one big national party. Even people that don’t follow football enjoy the party atmosphere, or at least the beer and snacks.

Talking of too much money, if some football players earn too much, what about some actors and musicians?   Lets not forget those at the top of those huge faceless corporations. Heck some of those CEOs really don’t seem to deserve their pay given their lacklustre performances!

So, I don’t watch these big sporting events, because it’s really not my thing, but I certainly wouldn’t look down on those that do.

What do YOU think?