New Year Resolutions?

I’ve always poo-pooed the idea. Why? Well, we make resolutions to improve some part of our lives, or those around us, and it seldom lasts beyond the end of January, let alone a year. Furthermore, shouldn’t we making such resolutions all year through, not on some arbitary date?

Having said that, I think I’ll try a few this time around.

  1. Be nicer. I mean, I’m not inherently evil, but perhaps I should make an effort to complain less, and smile more.
  2. Lose weight. Yeah, that old chestnut. Well, since my return from the US, I’ve put on 30lbs, and I really need to lose 50lb to regain my ideal weight. I’m going to try harder. No stupid ‘diets’. Just portion control, and more sensible food choices more of the time.
  3. Save more. Add more to my pension pot, save more for a rainy day. I’ve already made a start on that, by going to the pub a lot less (which helps #2 above too, of course).
  4. Be more productive. That means making better use of my time outside of current job. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do as it is, so trimming the fat (no not referring to #2 above this time), is a good idea.

Happy 2015 to y’all.


What do YOU think?