One Rule For Them; Another Rule For Us?

Marking International Women's Day, March 2014. Maria Miller's visit to the Imperial War MuseumSome things never change do they? Maria Miller, the UK Culture Secretary has delivered a lukewarm apology after over-claiming nearly £5,800 on her expenses. Not only that but the committee looking into the case reported that she had to be pressured into providing information, and then only gave back the absolute minimum information that she could. The system relies on MPs answering such questions fully and frankly, and not in an obstructive way.

OK, £5,800 isn’t a huge amount, but that’s not the point here. I’m sure some of those who have falsely claimed welfare benefits that totalled a lot less than five grand have ended up with a custodial sentence, or at least a criminal conviction. Certainly more than the slap on the wrist that Ms Miller seems to have gotten away with.

What do YOU think?