Spring Is In The Air

TomatoesYes! It seems to be at last.  It’s been a long time coming this year in England, with the coldest Easter on record since the long long winter of ’62, which I just remember as a very small boy.

Much as I wonder on the wisdom and usefulness of Daylight Savings Time (which was started by the Germans in Word War One), I do enjoy the evenings being longer lighter, particularly when I am not working a late shift.

It’ll soon be time to fire up the grill in the back yard in the evenings, and enjoy some home-cooked deliciousness that only grilling seems to bring.

Thoughts too, of bringing some order to at least some of the garden has me reading about planting some vegetables this summer. Some runner beans and some tomatoes at least I think.

Let’s hope the worst of the chilliest weather is past, and fingers crossed there’s no more frost, but you never know in this part of the world!


What do YOU think?