The Demise Of RadioShack

So another one-time major retailer bites the dust. Long-running electronics company RadioShack, which filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy last week, will see the closure of 1,784 stores across North America by March 31, the company confirmed in court documents. RadioShack was good for grabbing all those little bits and pieces you needed for those electronic projects, and for plugs, cables, various other connectors and the like.

radio shack_cr

In the UK RadioShack was known as Tandy. There was some guy with a store on Finchley Road in London that had the Radio Shack name, and despite being offered a large sum of money back in the 80’s, he refused to sell the name.

Anyway, Tandy, who had 270 stores in the UK, sold out to mobile phone company Carphone Warehouse around the turn of the century, and then concentrated on mobile phones and accessories, as Carphone Warehouse does.

Personally, I found most of their larger items too expensive, such as their hi-fi and computer offerings in the 80’s.

Apparently some of their North American stores are being purchased, similar to the UK operation, by a mobile phone company. However, Sprint, who are looking to transform 1,750 stores into a RadioShack/Sprint combo set-up, are, of course, a wireless service provider, and not just a retailer.

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